About Aftermarket Force, Inc.

We are a Professional Services company focused on helping Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) develop and implement aftermarket software. Most manufacturers earn somewhere between 25 and 50 percent of their annual revenue from aftermarket sales, but they also lose a significant amount of revenue to third party will fitters.

It's important for manufacturers to have an aftermarket solution for their technical documentation, specifically, their Parts Catalogs, Technical Service Manuals, Safety Bulletins and other technical documents. The solution should have visibility, ease of use, an online presence, and most important of all - the data must be accurate and up to date!

We often see OEMs using old and out dated software for their parts catalogs and other technical documentation. We always recommend cutting edge technology to keep your aftermarket and technical publications departments ahead of the competition.

With that being said, most OEM companies do not have the expertise or technical know-how to implement new enterprise software for their aftermarket, technical publications and parts departments. This is where we come in - our Founder has 10+ years experience as a Senior Technical Consultant, and has worked on both sides of the equation: he has worked for manufacturers, which helps us better understand the structure and business model for OEMs, and he has worked for Software as a Service companies, who provide cutting edge software to help drive sales for their aftermarket group. Having this knowledge and experience allows us to offer the industry's best Professional Services related to Enterprise Software / Saas Implementations, Data Migrations, System Integrations, Legacy System Upgrades, Task Automation, Custom Software and Solutions, and more!